Structuring your Property Business

At Shapcotts we have a range of packages that we offer to assist our clients to ensure they achieve what they want and need from their property business and portfolio.

Today I am going to highlight our Structuring your Property Business Package. 

ConstructionThe aim of our service is to provide you with the best options for you and the aspects you should consider when making your decision so you feel informed and confident in the decision you make.

As part of the service, we will look at with you what you want out of your property business, whether it is when you are starting or when you are looking at expanding or redirecting your efforts. 

This will incorporate looking at your personal tax position now and where you are looking at going, your intentions for the future or any major life changes that may need to be considered in your decision. Do you want to be including other generations of the family to pass wealth down or is this for your retirement plans in the future? There are many aspects to consider in making a decision.

At the end of the process, we will talk through the options that you have based on your needs and wants. Finally, we will provide a user-friendly report so you can review the advice we have been through in your own time which will then allow you to ask any further questions. 

It is always important to seek the right advice as the law changes and tax is constantly moving. You need to ensure that you know the implications for now and in any future changes we know about. Over time the best option may change or you need to review how you structure your portfolio.

Everyone wants to keep their tax liabilities down to a minimum and this type of review will assist in ensuring that is what you do. Unfortunately in property, changing your mind at a later date can be a costly endeavour. Check out our article on transferring your property which provides an insight into what is involved in transferring companies between your own name and a company.

To find out more information about this package please contact us.