Guerrilla Coaching

Some new-fangled description of an age-old method, just to get new punters looking this way?

Well no! Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Coaching are about stepping right in, doing some small stuff, and stepping right out. Small Interventions, BIG results.

Rafe NauenI have been a traditional business and life coach for some years, and often found that most of the time was spent on targets and efficiency and often failed to get to the core issues. I often found that clients modified the truth to save themselves the embarrassment that they were going along with things I said and pretending to do things they said they had done – not malicious, just human nature. So that sometimes I would see someone after a few years gap, and find the same issues arising.

Much of my main line of work is within systems – so I tend to look at where people fit in, whether the role they find themselves in is helpful or not – i.e. Is this a stepping stone to nirvana?, or was the last move a move into a place where they will show off new incompetence – the job is simply “not them” (and possibly never will be).

So welcome Guerrilla Coaching.

Here’s how it works: I call you at the time of your choice and we talk for 6 minutes same time every weekday for 2 or 3 weeks.“What happened yesterday?” is the start point – I make some notes of impact points/clashes / useless meetings/positives. - 2 minutes gone.

“What’s going on today?” “OK so if we change yesterday’s responses – how do you think that’d go?” - 4 minutes gone.

“Tonight, and tomorrow?” “Family time, relax, gym" – let’s put up a few minor goals to check on tomorrow.

The next day we are doing the same – but the surprising thing is the movement. Every day I see a step change towards self-empowerment and work-life balance improvements. And the feedback is that the client is a) getting noticed more, and b) getting noticed better.

For more information or to talk to Guerrilla Coaching, please give Rafe Nauen a call on 07889 523164 or drop him an email at